These soaps contain mixes of some or all of the following ingredients. Castille/vegan versions of course omit the lard. Gluten free. Also free of detergents, sulfates, and parabens.

  • Lard (sodium lardate)
    • Some bars are made with lard from NH raised pigs. They are humanely raised, grain and vegetable fed, without hormones. Their names have been Wilbur, Larry, Curly, and Moe.
  • Extra virgin olive oil (sodium oleate)
  • Water
  • Glycerine (a naturally occuring byproduct of the chemical process of saponification)
  • Canola oil (sodium canolate)
  • Grapeseed oil (sodium grapeseedate)
  • Colloidal oatmeal powder
  • Iron oxide (pigment)
  • Activated charcoal
  • Fragrance oils and essential oils
  • Organic, NH grown herbs
  • NH beeswax and honey

Average bar weight: 4.5 oz

Keep your soap in a raised edge soap dish that allows the bar to dry between uses; homemade soaps have naturally occurring glycerin and get squishy if they’re always wet. Using a washcloth or scrubby will also help your bar last, with the additional benefit of exfoliating your bad self.

These soaps produce a gray lather and may leave residue of black on your whites, but lather it up and you’ll get it out.

P.S. If you have concerns about lard, consider this interesting discussion about kosher and vegetarian ethics.